Fits Overs & Clipons Gift Guide

Let our Fits Over and ClipOns make their life easier this season! Wear them by themselves, over prescription glasses, or attached to existing prescription glasses or reading glasses. They’ll even add that final touch to a holiday outfit!




A gift that "fits" like a glove! Our FitsOvers are the perfect addition to prescription glasses or reading glasses.

Now the adventurer in your life can enjoy indoor and outdoor activities with ease!

Fits Overs

You can wear these by themselves or over glasses for an affordable alternative to prescription sunglasses.

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Driving Fits Overs and Clipons

Enhance contrast and help reduce glare while driving at night. Designed to pass the global standards for traffic light transmittance.

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The Minimalist

A gift that even a minimalist can’t refuse! No need to carry two pairs of glasses, simply attach ClipOn sunglasses to prescription eyeglasses or readers for convenient polarized sun-protection and be on your way!