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Sunglasses Lens Technology

Sunglasses Lens Technology

Author: Meredith Marmurek 


Looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses? Our extensive collection features a variety of stylish and affordable options for both men and women, all crafted with high-performance sunglasses lens technology. Shop now and find your new favorite pair of Foster Grant sunglasses! 

Sunglass Lens Features 

One of the most important reasons to wear sunglasses is to protect your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. All of our sunglass lenses provide 100% UVA-UVB lens protection, which is the maximum UV protection you can get in a sunglass lens.  

We offer several types of sunglasses lens options to cater to your lifestyle, including:  

  • Polarized lenses – If you’re bothered by glare from reflective surfaces, such as water or snow, consider wearing polarized lenses. They reduce glare and improve visibility in bright environments. 

  • Anti-reflective (AR) coating – AR coating reduces glare from sunlight or artificial sources by preventing light from bouncing off the lenses and into your eyes. This minimizes distracting reflections that may appear on the front and back surfaces of sunglass lenses. 

  • Mirrored lenses – Our mirrored lenses are stylish and feature a durable coating, making them scratch- and impact-resistant. 

The use of digital screens in outdoor environments can be challenging without the right shades. We incorporate our best sunglass lens technology to help meet those needs: 

  • Blue light filtering – Our sun lenses with uniform tint filter at least 70% to 96% of blue-violet light* from the sun and artificial sources, including digital devices.  

  • Polarized lenses for digital devices – This lens option comes with reduced polarization. This adjustment lets you enjoy the glare-reducing benefits of polarized lenses while allowing you to see your digital screens outside more easily. 

Driving Lenses: Tints and Tech  

If you’re looking to enhance your visibility when driving, consider our driving lenses: 

Day Driving Lenses  

Our day driving lenses are a soft brown color that reduces road glare and sharpens contrast to enhance your view of the road. The AR coating on the back of the lenses prevents bounce-back glare from reaching your eyes. This helps improve visibility and clarity in various weather and road conditions. 

Night Driving Lenses  

While not sunglasses, it is worth noting that we offer night driving lenses too! Our Night Drivers have AR-coated lenses and a unique yellow tint that may reduce glare from bright street lights and oncoming headlights. The lenses pass global standards for traffic light transmittance, meaning they don’t change the way you see standard traffic light colors. Night Drivers may also help provide more contrast in low light for a more comfortable driving experience. 

Sunglasses Lens Material 

Our sunglass lenses are made with high-quality, scratch-resistant materials to help protect your eyes on sunny and cloudy days. 


If you tend to be hard on your sunglasses, polycarbonate lenses may be for you. These impact-resistant lenses are lightweight and shatterproof, making them sturdier than regular plastic lenses.  

Sunglass Lens Types 

Many people who wear sunglasses also need reading glasses. For these instances, we offer several types of sunglass lenses to fit a variety of vision needs:  


If you need sunglasses for UVA-UVB protection but don’t plan to use them for reading, our unmagnified shades are for you. These lenses are available in standard sunglasses as well as Fits Over and ClipOn styles. 

Full Magnification (Fully Magnified Lenses) 

Our SunReaders® collection with full-magnification lenses have the magnification you choose throughout the entire lens. These may be a good choice if you read or do other close-up tasks outside. 

Bifocal Style 

If you wear reading glasses to see close up but don’t want to alternate between your glasses and sunglasses while outdoors, try bifocal-style sunglasses. The reading power is in the bottom part of the lenses and the top part is unmagnified for your normal distance vision. 


Do you wear reading glasses to help you see better at multiple distances? If so, you’ll be glad to know you can get reading sunglasses with our Multi Focus™ lens technology. These multi-strength lenses have three magnifications in a single pair of glasses, making them a great option for reading, computer use, and interacting with others. No more switching between your readers and sunglasses! 

Sunglass Lens Colors 

Tinted glasses lenses are always a popular option. With dark colors, light colors, and a rainbow of colors in between, colored lenses are a great way to add a stylish touch to your sunglasses.  

If it’s time to up your sunglasses game, look no further than Foster Grant. We have the colors, styles, and sunglass lens technology to help protect your eyes, reduce glare, and improve your comfort in outdoor environments. Use our Frame Finder to find your perfect fit. 


*The percentage represents the average amount of blue-violet light (between 400 and 455nm as stated by ISO TR20772-2018. (ISO: International Standards Organization – “Ophthalmic optics – Spectacles lenses – Short Wavelength visible solar radiation and the eye, FD ISO/TR 20772”)) filtered at 5 nanometer increments in this range. 

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The sources listed here have been provided for informational purposes only. The citation of a particular source does not constitute an endorsement or approval of EssilorLuxottica products, services, or opinions by such source.  

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