Foster Grant® To-Go Reading Glasses

Your need to read clearly doesn’t just go away when you’re away from home. But you don’t want anything bulky cramping your style when you’re out-and-about. Enter our Super Flat readers and other to-go styles. They take up less room in a pocket or purse while still providing all the reading magnification you need.

Do You Need Portable Reading Glasses?

When it comes to readers, you want style and functionality. You want convenience, whether you’re at home or out to dinner with friends. With the latter, convenience translates into portability. Thankfully, you don’t need to have full-sized readers taking up all the space in your handbag or pocket in order to get your desired style and magnification.

Foster Grant® To-Go Reading Glasses come in a range of designs to travel compactly. You simply pull them out, put them to work and then slide them back away with ease. They’re always there and always ready, but they’re never in the way.