Sofia Vergara Blue Light Glasses

Fashionable styles that help filter blue-violet light* and provide 100% UVA-UVB lens protection.

Blue Light Glasses - Sofia Vergara's Collection

Sofia Vergara Blue Light Glasses seamlessly blend fashion and function, offering trendy eyewear designed to help filter blue-violet light* from the sun, as well as artificial sources, including digital devices. Foster Grant ensures you experience both comfort and elegance in every pair. Choose these Blue Light Glasses to make a statement in sophistication. Also discover the full Sofia Vergara x Foster Grant Collection. *Filters at least an average of 30% of blue-violet light (between 400 and 455nm as stated by ISO TR 20772:2018) as measured in 5 nm increments. Covered under U.S. Pat. No. 8,360,574. Other U.S. and foreign patents pending.