Sofia Vergara SunReaders®

Visionary, eye-catching sunglasses meet vision-enhancing, prescription-quality magnification. Outdoor reading never looked this attractive.

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14 Items

What type of lens do I need?

Full lens magnification SunReaders® have the reading strength you choose throughout the entire lens. Reader segment styles feature a dedicated reader segment in the bottom of each lens providing the magnification you need to read. The rest of the lens is unmagnified for long-distance viewing.

Both lens types come with 100% UVA-UVB lens protection and scratch-resistant coating for all types of outdoor reading occasions.

SunReaders® - Sofia Vergara's Collection

Enhance your reading experience in the sun with Sofia Vergara x Foster Grant SunReaders®. This unique collection combines style and clarity, offering fashionable reading glasses with sun protection. Find the perfect pair to elevate your reading time and enjoy both lifted fashion and functionality. Explore this SunReaders® Collection now. Discover also the full Sofia Vergara x Foster Grant Collection.