Focus on Sustainability

Introducing our journey toward supporting a better, more sustainable earth through better, more sustainable eyewear.

Foster Grant Sustainability Journey

RETHINK all our materials and processes

REDUCE usage of virgin materials in our eyewear and packaging and introduce responsibly sourced alternatives

REUSE recycled materials in products and packaging as much as possible

RECYCLE as much of our eyewear and packaging as possible at its end of use


Our vision for a more sustainable future.

We know every product we make has an impact - not just on your vision but on the planet. That is why we are proud to launch our Foster Grant program, a journey toward using more recycled materials in our products and packaging.

The goal?

A more circular model, designed to maximize the use of recycled materials in our eyewear and packaging and your ability to recycle both when you're finished enjoying them. We are committed to leveraging our 90+ years of expertise to play our part in helping to preserve our environment. Since 2021, we have tripled the amount of frames made with a percentage of recycled materials. Our goal is to continue to make more and more of our eyewear from recycled materials.

Look for the stamp to identify Foster Grant products that are made with recycled materials.

Frames made out of at least 20% recycled plastic.

Frames made out of at least 50% recycled plastic.*

Frames made out of at least 75% recycled plastic.

Frames made out of 100% recycled plastic.

*Recycled content is calculated by mass balance.



The SUN LUV A4114A® (All For One, One for All) Collection delivers on style for unique individuals and on the commitment to using more recycled materials.  Many frames in this collection are made with 50% recycled plastic*.

*Recycled content is calculated by mass balance.

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RECIRCUL8™ Collections


The SUN LUV All For One, One for All (A41141A®) philosophy encompasses more than just embracing being a unique individual and a caring member of a community. It also refers to the broader relationship with our planet as a whole. For that, many SUN LUV frames are made with at least 25% recycled plastic*, and the packaging is reusable and recyclable paper tubes.

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Styles for Y.O.U

Foster Grant® Styles for Y.O.U.™ is an inspired collection of low nose bridge fit frames designed to complement all of the beautiful qualities that make you, Y.O.U. - Your Own Unique fit, color and style! Another thing that’s beautiful? All of the plastic frames in this collection are made using recycled plastic.

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*The percentage of recycled content is calculated at mass balance.

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