REC 19 56 S

Solar Shield

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  • REC 19 56 S View Product Image
  • REC 19 56 S View Product Image
  • Features

    Scratch Resistant Lenses

    Impact-Resistant Lenses

    Polarized Lenses


    Solar Shield® REC 19 56 ClipOns easily attach to your prescription eyeglasses or readers for convenient polarized sun-protection. Solar Shield® clipon sunglasses offer 100% UVA-UVB lens protection. REC 19 clipon is a rectangle shape with lightweight and durable design that fits traditional metal frames. Black frame with driving lenses tint helps improve depth perception and contrast. Scratch-resistant, polarized lenses reduce glare and Gentle Grip® protects glasses.

    Solar Shield
    Frame Shape
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    REC 19


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