specs for specs®

Uncorrected poor vision affects over 2.5 billion people worldwide.

This is one of the biggest global health problems, yet there are simple, cost-effective solutions such as reading glasses. By providing a simple pair of reading glasses, we have seen the immediate and positive impact it can make to a person's life, their family and community.

We are proud to announce our Specs for Specs® program. We will donate one pair of reading glasses for every pair of eyewear sold in the United States on FosterGrant.com.*

FGX is the biggest contributor to RestoringVision. They donate eyewear to us to help restore vision for people that otherwise would not have access to glasses…we couldn’t do what we do without the contributions from FGX.

– Mac Humphries

Director of Strategic Partnerships,


The Foster Grant Team supports RestoringVision’s goal:

20 million people seeing clearly by 2020

We strive to provide eyewear to people who don’t have access to vision correction solutions, so that they can live better and more productive lives. It’s remarkable what a difference a simple pair of reading glasses can make in the lives of a person with poor near vision.

Check out our recent trip to Guatemala with RestoringVision.

For me the glasses are very important. Me without glasses...nothing, I can’t do anything. Now I can’t be without glasses.

– Maria

Cook from Guatemala

Learn how you can help at RestoringVision.org >

* From May 20, 2020 through May 31, 2024, FGX International Inc. will donate a pair of reading glasses for every pair of eyewear purchased on FosterGrant.com to RestoringVision, the world’s largest nonprofit provider of reading glasses to people in need living in disadvantaged communities around the world. Donated product may differ from purchased product. Not currently available to customers living in Alabama, Illinois, Massachusetts, or South Carolina, or outside the United States.