Foster Grant® Compact Sunglasses

When carrying space is at a premium, our line of portable sunglasses is the perfect fit. These Super Flat styles are designed to take up very little room in bags or pockets, even small bags and tight pockets. But they are always there whenever you need them to add some style to your look and provide 100% UVA-UVB lens protection.

Portable Sunglasses

All sunglasses are technically portable; you tend to have them with you anytime you go outside, after all. However, not all sunglasses are necessarily designed with portability in mind.

But Foster Grant® Compact Sunglasses are designed that way. They offer all the same sun protection and style as other Foster Grant sunglasses. Then, they fold up flat to minimize the amount of space they take up in your bag or slide discreetly into the pocket of your skinny jeans.