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Frame Care: How to Properly Take Care of Your Glasses

Frame Care: How to Properly Take Care of Your Glasses

We recommend the Eyewear Care Kit to protect and care for your glasses.

You count on your glasses to help you see clearly every day. Practicing proper care can help you keep your eyewear in great condition and functioning effectively. Use these tips to learn how to properly take care of your glasses, from your frames to your lenses. 


Protecting Your Frames 

Preserving the integrity of your eyeglass frames can help them last as long as possible. If they don’t fit correctly, your glasses can sit crookedly on your face or slide down your nose. This can be annoying and can make it difficult to see properly through the lenses.  


Here are some ways to help ensure your frames remain in good shape and fit as they should:  


  • Wear your glasses only on your face One aspect of proper frame care is avoiding the temptation to push up your glasses and leave them to rest on your head. This can stretch out the frame and make it too wide for your face. 

  • Use both hands Always use both hands when removing your eyeglasses to preserve the shape of the frame and prevent stretching. 

  • Handle the frames carefully – If your frame has nose pads (most often found on wire frames), be careful when handling or readjusting your glasses on your face. Take care not to push on the bridge, which is the piece that sits on the nose, as this can move the nose pads out of alignment and cause your glasses to sit unevenly on your face.   

  • Keep track of your glasses – Attach your readers to a chain or cord worn around your neck so you don’t accidentally misplace them or leave them behind. 

  • Make small repairs as needed – Check periodically to make sure the screws connecting the temples to the front of the frame aren’t loose. If they are, you might try tightening them with an eyeglasses repair kit. 


Keeping Your Glasses Scratch-Free 

Scratched lenses are often bothersome and can make it difficult to see clearly. A little TLC can help keep your lenses clear and your glasses well-cared for:  


  • Use the right tools – To remove smudges, dust, and debris from your lenses, use a  microfiber optical cloth designed for cleaning glasses. Avoid using a tissue, paper towel, dish towel, or your shirt because the fibers can scratch your lenses. 

  • Store your glasses properly– A sturdy case is the best place to store your glasses when you’re not wearing them. If your case isn’t nearby, remember to lay down your glasses with the lenses facing up to prevent scratches. 

Caring for Your Lenses 

Proper lens care is vital, and keeping your eyeglass lenses clean can help prevent dust, debris, or smudges from blocking your view. Below are tips on how to clean glasses and protect your eyewear. 


  • Clean them safely – The safest way to clean your lenses is to rinse them with warm, soapy water or to use a spray eyeglass cleaner. Then dry them with a clean microfiber cloth. 

  • Prevent damage – Avoid using household glass cleaners and alcohol-based cleaning solutions on your glasses because these can damage the lenses and lens coating. 

How to Wash Microfiber Cloths for Glasses 

Microfiber cloths are perfect to use when cleaning your glasses. They gently dry the lenses and capture any oils to prevent smearing. 


To keep this special type of cloth debris-free and working well, you’ll need to wash it often. Here’s how: 


  • Hand wash the cloth with non-moisturizing dish soap.

  • Rinse it thoroughly with clean water. 

  • Hang the cloth so it can air dry. 

How to Store Glasses Properly 

Your glasses are less likely to be effective if the frame is bent or the lenses are scratched. Storing them safely can reduce the risk of damage and is an important part of glasses care:  


  • Use the case – Store your glasses in a case when you’re not wearing them. This can help prevent your frame from getting bent and your lenses from being scratched. 

  • Avoid heat – Don’t leave your glasses directly in the sun or inside your car on hot days. Heat can damage the lenses and cause the frame to warp.    


Incorporating eyeglass care into your daily routine can keep your glasses in top shape and expand the life of your eyewear. An eyewear care kit provides the tools needed to help protect and preserve your frames and lenses, making it a great resource to have on hand. Remember to take care of your glasses and frames properly and ensure they continue to support your vision needs. 



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