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What Are Fits Over, ClipOn, and FlipUp Sunglasses?

What Are Fits Over, ClipOn, and FlipUp Sunglasses?

Author: Anna Barden 

Prescription sunglasses are useful for outdoor activities such as hiking, sports, and for driving or traveling. But they can be costly, and some frame materials can be a bit heavier than you prefer. You may also love your regular spectacles and wonder how you can get sunglasses for glasses you enjoy so much. 

Fortunately, there is a solution: clip on lenses, flip up lenses, and sunglasses that go over glasses. 

Can You Wear Sunglasses Over Glasses? 

Yes, you can get that vital UV protection without sacrificing the comfort of your daily eyeglasses. Sunglasses that fit over glasses (also called Fits Overs), can be a great and affordable alternative to prescription sunglasses. 

You can also get clip on sunglasses and flip up lenses, which attach to your existing lenses to provide sun protection.  

Our Fits Over and ClipOn sunglass styles are designed to work with your existing pair of prescription glasses or reading glasses so you don’t have to worry about modifying your favorite frames or lenses. Many Fits Over and ClipOn sunglasses have polarized scratch-resistant lenses and 100% UVA-UVB lens protection. 

What Are Fits Over Sunglasses? 

Fits Over sunglasses refer to sunglasses that can be worn over glasses. Simply place the Fits Overs on top of your eyeglasses for a snug fit that helps shield your eyes from bright sunlight and harmful UV rays. 

Many Fits Overs have lenses that extend to the sides of your eyeglass frames, offering additional protection from harmful UVA-UVB rays and extra shade for your peripheral vision. This is ideal for someone who indulges in outdoor activities or sports or those who do frequent yard work. 

Foster Grant's Fits Overs are designed to be worn alone or over your existing eyewear. With a selection of frame shapes, colors, and sizes, you can find the best style to work with your glasses. 

What Are Clip On Sunglasses? 

ClipOns, or clip on sunglasses, attach to the front of your glasses to transform them into sunglasses. It’s a simple and quick way to achieve UV protection while keeping your vision sharp behind your prescription eyeglasses or readers.  

A set of ClipOns is a perfect way to maintain your current eyeglass style; just stack them onto your favorite pair of eyeglasses and go. When you enter or re-enter an indoor environment, remove the ClipOns to reveal your signature eyewear fashion. 

Which ClipOns should you choose? It depends on the style of your frames. Rimmed styles are made to accommodate metal frames, while rimless options are generally more suited for plastic or thicker frames. 

What Are Flip Up Sunglasses? 

Flip up sunglasses, also known as FlipUps, are similar to ClipOns. Like ClipOns, they clip onto your eyeglasses, but they also have a built-in hinge that allows you to flip them up and uncover your regular glasses when needed or desired.  

FlipUps are useful when you need sun protection but also need untinted lenses to see certain things in your surroundings. This could mean reading an outdoor menu on a sunny cafe patio, adjusting the radio or gears in your car, or even admiring the nature around you on a hike.  

The flip up lens feature allows you to quickly remove a dark sunglasses tint without taking off your glasses altogether. You can regain the tint in an instant by lowering the FlipUps back down over your lenses. 

Which Over the Glasses Sunglasses Are Right for You? 

When it comes to choosing the best ClipOns, FlipUps, or sunglasses to wear over glasses, there are a few things to keep in mind.  

Consider factors like your daily activities, comfort, and style preferences. If you want to wear polarized sunglasses over glasses or make a fashion statement with your shades, Fits Overs may be a great choice. Whether it’s the convenience of ClipOns, the versatility of FlipUps, or the full coverage of Fits Overs, each option offers a unique solution for you. 

Ready to find a style that works for you? Refer to our Fits Over and ClipOns Size Guides for additional information and to get started.