Leopard Diva


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  • Leopard Diva View Product Image
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  • Leopard Diva View Product Image
  • Features

    100% UVA-UVB
    Lens Protection

    Scratch Resistant Lenses

    Impact-Resistant Lenses

    Polarized Lenses


    Channel your inner animal with these versatile square fits over sunglasses from Betsey Johnson, featuring polarized lenses that offer 100% UV lens protection, are scratch and impact resistant and a microfiber case that doubles as a cloth. You can rock these shades with confidence!.

    The Betsey Johnson brand has been ruling the fashion industry since the 1960's. Known worldwide for its unique designs, the brand embraces a free spirited personality that celebrates bright colors and true originality. The New York designer, has built her long-standing career in fashion by following her own set of rules. Known for her celebration of the exuberant, the embellished, and the over the top. Betsey Johnson's enthusiasm, creativity, and boundless talent have kept her at the forefront of fashion for the past 45 years, and will continue for years to come. Her personality is as well received as her bright designs. Known for her signature cartwheel on the catwalk, Betsey's character is pure fun and entertainment.

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