The Avid Reader Mom

If she's a bookworm who never tires of reading, she needs eyewear that supports her passion. We've got just the specs for her, from unique Pop of Power® and Super Flat styles to tons of classic, fully magnified styles.

Pop of Power®

The best of both worlds in one pair of readers. Pop of Power® Bifocal Style reading glasses have a magnified reader segment on the bottom of each lens, while the remainder has no magnification. So you can keep your glasses on and see clearly whether you’re reading or looking up to talk to someone.

Super Flat

The line of Super Flat eyewear from Foster Grant® is ultra-compact and ultra-portable. They are slim enough to fit in any purse or pocket when you’re on-the-go. And they function just as efficiently and fit just as comfortably as our standard-sized styles.

Fully Magnified

Foster Grant Reading Glasses deliver on style, quality, and function – all within an affordable price range you can't beat.